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Aleisha H.
Seattle, WA
I literally have never that's right NEVER been on a vacation. I have treked to the neighbouring states close to my home Seattle but never sat on a warm sunny beach, hiked rare exotic locations or just simply relaxed with my love. I lost both of my parents ,my two best friends and my grandmother in 2011 in a total of 7 months . It was life changing hard and also very sobering to see how quick life can pass us each by. I've always been a open outspoken risktaker who loves or would to travel meet new people have amazing unforgettable experiences of a lifetime I just have not had the funds to do so. PITY IS not what I invoke with my story ..my parents fed me inspiration my whole life they where never close minded to any possibilities in life or love . They taught me the value of being myself in part how to live free. I promised them I would graduate trade school before they passed of stage 4 cancer and I did. I also want to keep my promise to them to see the world and all its beauty!