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Marina O.
Brooklyn, NY
I've always been fascinated by the beauty of Africa and it's wildlife. Since I was young, I preferred nature documentaries over cartoons. A life long dream has been to see lions in their natural habitat. I love lions so much that I hope to become a vet specializing in large feline leukemia. I have also done a conservation ed internship at my zoo and have been inspired to raise the population of these magnificent cats. I have many life-threatening illnesses and am always in the hospital for chemo. For once, I would love to forget I have 7 painful or debilitating conditions and just be a normal person who has the chance to travel and explore nature. When my health becomes stable soon, I would love to celebrate with a trip to Africa. My family is very poor, I never had the chance to leave the US. Without winning the contest, there will be no way for me to have this life changing trip. I can't put into words how badly I would love to win this contest, please consider my entry.